Setup Channel using SFTP

Linnworks does not support SFTP gateway upload as said in their documentation. However, the Linnworks to WooCommerce integration uses the FTP only for the gateway upload, so we have a way to bypass the initial Gateway Deploy. Here is how we can do that:

Pick a strong Gateway Password (recommended to use a generated GUID for the password).

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Linnworks tab

    Linnworks plugin settings page
  2. Paste the password in the Linnworks Gateway Password and press Deploy File.

    Deploy the Custom Gateway File

Now that you deployed the customer gateway file, copy the password that you use and go back to Linnworks:

  1. In the Gateway Deploy step, choose Existing Gateway
  2. In the Gateway URL field, enter your site url, where the Custom Gateway file can be reached. This is the main WP directory, so it will be the homepage URL i.e.
  3. In the Gateway Password field, enter the password you deployed the Custom Gateway File with.

    Deploy Existing Gateway
  4. Then Press the Test Gateway button.
  5. If the gateway file is recognized by Linnworks, you will  be taken to the next step
    Name Your Channel


    Now that you deployed the gateway, go back to the main documentation and continue setting up your channel.