Linnworks -> AfterShip Support


AfterShip is an extension that picks up tracking numbers and displays the shipment tracking information to the customer. It has a support for over 200 shipping services and can be useful for a lot of merchant.

WooCommerce Linnworks Integration plugin supports AfterShip tracking numbers since version 1.3.2. However, there are some guidelines that the merchant should follow in his Linnworks Shipping methods setup, in order to properly transfer Linnworks tracking numbers to the AfterShip plugin.

Here is how you setup AfterShip with Linnworks.

  1. Get an account with AfterShip, download their extension and install it on your site.
  2. Go to Settings > AfterShip and setup the plugin.
  3. Choose AfterShip for Plugin > Choose your Couriers and finally choose, if you want to display the tracking button on your Order History Page

    AfterShip Settings

You should match Linnworks Shipping Service Tag to the AfterShip Courier slug (or Tag). Here is how you do that:


  1. Lets say we want to configure UK Mail courier
  2. In the AfterShip Order Meta box dropdown UK Mail is “uk-mail”. You can find the slug using Dev Tools in Chrome, Firebug in FireFox or just look up the Source of the page and find the aftership_tracking_provider select element. Look in the options and you will see that the value is the Service slug(Tag) and the text in the middle is the Service Name.
  3. The same Shipping Service slug(Tag) (“uk-mail“) should be set in your Linnworks Shipping method Tag column.

    Linnworks Shipping Service Setup
  4. That’s it. Set your shipping methods and AfterShip will get the tracking numbers right after they are transferred from Linnworks to your store.